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  Vadim Katsman

Mr. Katsman has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, business engineering and data engineering fields.

He worked for a number of companies as a software engineer, senior software engineer, and senior consultant,including Deloitte & Touché Tax Technologies, Xerox Capital Services, GE, Citadel Investment Group, Trading Technologies, HBOC Enterprise Systems, Campbell Software and Quantra Corporation. During this period he also took on roles of team leader and solutions architect.

He is a founder and a president of SCT Alternative, Inc. – the consulting company that is focused on connecting, customizing and extending business systems. The company has delivered business solutions for supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, financial services and retail. SCT Alternative has been engaged by Deloitte, Siemens, GETCO, and a number of other companies.

Vadim has an excellent technology vision combined with hands on experience in the field. He has developed deep business knowledge in various industries, and has credible leadership and management skills.

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